Saturday, June 7, 2008

This week in Project Wonder

Since the move to svn, we've been able to clean things up a bit.

New structure
There are now three important top-level folders, /Applications, /Frameworks and /Examples. If you use checked-out projects, you need to close and delete these projects, then select /Frameworks and pick the ones you like. Note that - depending on what you actually use - it is WAY simpler than before, where you had to visit X subfolder for importing.

Also, moving stuff in ERX into packages has been a request for quite a while now. We had good reasons not to do this so far, there are numerous thread on the lists where you can read the arguments at your leasure. But eventually we had to do it and now is as good a time as any.

So: the current trunk in SVN contains the repackaged ERX and ERDirectToWeb, complete with all fixes that are needed to build Wonder itself. In your own apps, you should:

- commit outstanding changes (!)
- select the projects, run an "Organize imports"
- check all your EO templates, as a lot of stuff changed packages
- check all your logging configs. A stub ERXPatternLayout is currently
still in er.extensions, but it will go away soon.
- check any xxx.className property which has a er.extensions thing in
it *
- check your model for custom attributes which reference ERX classes
(erprototypes has been fixed)


WOTaskd+JavaMonitor have been updated:

- backups of SiteConfigs in /Library/WebObjects/Configuration, prior
to changes. The name indicates the action that happened afterwards.
- fixed an issue with the app delete page
- selection in app detail page is now Ajax and kept
- JavaMonitor/wotaskd are now ERX apps with embedded frameworks


  1. Great work, thanks Anjo, Mike, et al.

  2. Nice summary of recent updates. It was very useful. Thanks.