Monday, June 2, 2008

Short break

We interrupt our scheduled program for a news flash:

As of Saturday, Mai 30th 2008, we moved the Wonder repository to SVN. Check out the trunk via

svn co Wonder

The CVS repository will NOT be updated any time soon.

Now on with our regular schedule.


  1. Thanks a lot for migrating the the repositories!
    The daily updated doxygen documentation of the Wonder API is now working on the svn repository too.

    No more CVS! :D

  2. Hey, I didn't even know of that one. The graphics class hierarchy is really nice!

  3. Hi Anjo,

    yes, it's my information source besides the classic API documentation. I announced this last year in March once in the wonder-dics group. What I like with doxygen is the search field and often the graphical representations.