Saturday, March 21, 2009

The "I Have A Day Job" Edition

support for plist and json responses

support for simple qualifiers and sort orderings in query params

lots of API's for programmatically generating responses

initial pass at a D2W version of the ERRest framework

Updated to latest JFreeChart

ERXExistsQualifier - creates a query clause based on the SQL exists keyword and a subquery

Support for custom prototype overrides in ERXModelGroup.

ERXEnterpriseObjectCache substantially overhauled to .. well .. not break.

TickTockMan - example app that performs various time-related tasks. Hopefully, this can become a resource for people trying to understand the use of time, time intervals, time zones and associated objects in WebObjects applications.

Über - Wonder testing app designed for automated testing against new versions of WebObjects.

Ajax scripts are compressed during the build process.

AjaxUtils.updateDomElement - appends JavaScript code to the given AjaxResponse that updates the content of the DOM Element with the given ID to the specified value. Useful if you want to update multiple small regions on a page with a single request, e.g. when an AjaxObserveField triggers an action.

AjaxModalDialog - LOTS of enhancements. Check the javadoc for better converage.

ERImageProcessors - Support for image processing with several variants (Java2D, ImageMagick, and JNI-based CoreImage/ImageIO). This will ultimately be used to support automatic thumbnailing.

BUILD.txt updated with latest maven build instructions

Utilities/WOInstall - source of WOInstaller.jar

ERXValueUtilities and related ERXProperties methods were rewritten to be much more consistent and more forward compatible with future version of WO + actually has test cases

Updated for JavaRebel 2.0

Updated to match (roughly) Ruby Chronic's 0.3.0 version

refactored the confirm pages to use just one page

added 'stop all' for selected instances

added 'delete all' for selected instances

more directactions controls

/admin/ action added (will allow for rest-like urls) returning JSON compatible output on info

added bounce action

ERXLanguageMenu - generic picker for selecting your current language

... and a gazillion bug fixes


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  2. Can you show us how we can produce Sproutcore JSON formatted so that has the "records:" property shows up at the beginning. For the life of me, I cn't get Sproutcore to parse my JSON