Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This Week In Wonder

The big one for this week is much better 5.4.x support. We've fixed quite a few outstanding issues and we should be in a pretty good place when the next 5.4.x release comes out (which is looking good).

Wonder/5.4 Changes
ERXWOForm works properly with the new 5.4 context.isSecure setting (defaulting to secure if context.isSecure())

ERXWOConditional/ERXElse simply cannot play nicely with 5.4 wo:if/wo:else. In the 5.4 build of Wonder, a notable change is that you need to pick your conditional horse. In 5.4, WOConditional will no longer be automatically replaced by ERXWOConditional. WOOgnl's wo:if and wo:else will still resolve to the ERX variant, but if you use WOConditional directly and you want the Wonder behavior, you will need to search for all ":\s*WOConditional" and change them to ": ERXWOConditional". We looked at this quite a bit, but the semantic of the "else" implementation in 5.4 is very different than Wonder's, and continuing to replace WOConditional in the way that we do would break any 3rd party 5.4 components (like Apple's) that are written to expect if/else to work like 5.4's.

[edit: Oh -- I forgot to mention. If you DO NOT intend to use 5.4's if/else and you just want to switch to 5.4 without having to change your components, you can set er.extensions.WOConditional.patch=true and it will override the default disabled patching of WOConditional to be ERXWOConditionl. At the moment this should be OK, because none of the Apple components use their if/else, but in the longer term, you should switch over to ERXWOConditional if you intend to use ERXElse]

This .... actually builds now in 5.4.

Through a small bit of trickery, ERXWOContext URL rewriting fully works with 5.4's new context API's.

The 5.3 Wonder NS* collections classes better match the 5.4 versions so there should be fewer compatibility issues (which was an issue if you were running 5.4 code with the ERExtensions project checked out).

FrontBasePlugIn and PostgresqlPlugIn
Both of these plugins have been updated/slightly mangled to properly generate SQL under both 5.3 and 5.4 (as long as you aren't calling the new 5.4 schema sync API's). Pierre has merged nearly all (except the latest feature where you can generate SQL without a running database) of the Wonder FrontBasePlugIn features into 5.4, and it fully implements both the 5.3 and 5.4 schema sync API's, so Apple's should be the preferred one under 5.4. Wonder still maintains the primary PG plugin, though, so you will be limited to 5.3 schema sync for now. If you're doing anything with schema sync/sql gen, you need to be very careful of what API's you are using -- it's a bit of a minefield in 5.4 when you're using anything except the built-in plugins.

Almost all of Wonder runs under both 5.3 and 5.4 without mucking with your build path. However, because of some refactorings in WOOgnl, if you are checking out the Wonder source in Eclipse, you will have to remove the Sources_WO53 from your WOOgnl build path and add Sources_WO54 to your build path if you intend to use 5.4. There was unfortunately no obvious way around one.

Other Misc Things
Ajax/ERXFlickrBatchNavigation now support pagination of plain java arrays without using a display group, which should make it easier to paginate non-WOish collections.

ERXKey supports an easier API for filtering arrays. For instance:

NSArray filteredCompanies ="Mike").filter(arrayOfCompanies);

WOLips.framework and Click2Open now work under FireFox and IE.

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