Friday, November 21, 2008

These 49 Days in Wonder

All Project Wonder projects were switched to the WOLips Nightly's new hotness build path system. This means that to checkout the Wonder source now requires that you use a WOLips Nightly build, though these are pretty likely to turn into stable pretty soon.

We cleared a lot of the backlog of patches in Jira ... Sorry it took us so long.

Ajax framework was updated to Prototype

AjaxSocialNetwork and AjaxSocialNetworkLink provides support for submitting URLs to a heap of social linking sites using their recommended icons

ERXEmbeddedPage and ERXSwitchEmbeddedPage allow you to wrap a section of your page and treat return values from invokeAction as a replacement only for the this element and not for the entire page. This allows you to write components that operate like a sequence of top level elements, yet actually they live within a larger page.

ERXAccessibleSubmitButton provides support for defining hot keys for submit buttons.

ERXJSToManyRelationshipEditor provides a nice javascript-based to-many relationship editor

ERXBooleanPopUpButton provides a simple Yes/No/All (labels configurable) three-state popup button that binds out a Boolean value, which is handy for boolean search filters

ERXRedirect supports redirecting to a stateful component (in addition to several other variants).

New "javaEnum" prototype ... Select it and just set the valueClassName to point to your java Enum class.

Lots of fixes for Oracle in the EROraclePlugin including many fixes to make Wonder's ERXMigration API work properly. The Oracle plugin also has a new delegate that allows you to provide a custom constraint name generator (to provide custom truncation rules).

FrontBase, Postgresql, and Oracle plugins now automatically correct the EOF bug with generating "not null" columns for attributes that only appear in subclasses of single table inheritance tables.

Added ERXSession support for requiring secure session cookies to prevent session hijacking.

ERXEnterpriseObjectCache now supports optionally caching EO's rather than just their GID's, lazily filling the cache rather than preloading the entire set of objects, and caching with a qualifier (i.e. only cache objects where published=true)

ERXYahooContentAnalysisService connects to Yahoo's term extraction service (for use with auto-tagging)

Lots of fixes to ERRest framework, including many changes necessary to be able to generate a validating schema for a rest document (the schema generator is not yet committed). Lots of additional enhancements to run ERRest documents without a request, which makes it easier to use for data loading.

WOOgnl no longer requires a different source path for 5.3 and 5.4, though it does require a different binary framework.

Lots of fixes to SproutCore framework to bring it more in line with the latest SproutCore releases.